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The Correlation Between Canine Pain and Behaviour 1-Hour CPD


This course is suitable for Vets, Veterinary Nurses/Techs and all supporting veterinary staff.

There are a huge number of behavioural issues in dogs, where pain may be a component. From the most obvious, where touch or movement elicits pain (and dogs therefore react to this with aggression, avoidance or appeasement), to less obvious signs, for example exaggerated fear responses (sound sensitivity in particular).

Chronic pain can also have a significant impact on quality of life, can affect mood and in turn also, anxiety and pleasure.

If you would like to delve deeper and truly understand the link between Canine Behaviour and Pain. And in particular, how to overcome this challenge within the veterinary clinic environment, when emotional arousal plays a big part in masking the subtle signs.

Then this bitesize course is perfect for you.


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