Thank you for shopping at CAM Online Shop. 

Your purchases directly finance CAM’s growth, and support other owners of arthritic dogs.

Here are a few FACTS to answer your FAQs.

  1. CAM is a small company that works on minimal resources. To stock the shop with recommended products, to guide your purchase, we rely on working with other companies through affiliate link or drop shipping arrangements. These are largely automated so there is no delay in the ordering and fulfilment process. If they are not automated, they are placed within one working day.
  2. Due to affiliate links and drop-shipping, you may receive your multiple product order in a number of separate deliveries.
  3. Delivery times aim to be within 2-5 working days. In many cases it is next day delivery, but we suggest 3-5 business days to manage our purchaser’s expectations.
  4. CAM Online Shop will investigate and rectify any delays with delivery. We will contact the supplier of the product on your behalf and get the order back on track as quickly as possible. Please email shop@caninearthritis.co.uk if you are experiencing a delay.
  5. CAM suppliers manage their own returns and refunds, however, we are the initial contact point. Please email us at shop@canineartrhitis.co.uk, and we will forward your message on to the relevant supplier.
  6. With recent Brexit related changes some orders that are coming from the EU and deliveries of purchasers destined for the EU may experience delays in shipping. Please email shop@caninearthritis.co.uk if you have any concerns.
  7. International orders may experience local import duties/taxes, or other import related fees imposed by your country. This is not within our means to control, and we ask you to be aware of those applicable to your country prior to ordering.
  8. If you have any questions about a specific product, we are likely to forward your enquiry to the supplier to ensure you get a detailed response. Please email shop@caninearthritis.co.uk if you have any questions, and we will forward them to the relevant supplier.

The CAM shop team is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. If you have an urgent enquiry outside these hours, please email info@caninearthritis.co.uk.

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