Pawz Dog Boots

Pawz Dog Boots


Pawz Dog boots made of natural rubber, 100% biodegradable. Pack of 12. Each size is a different colour boot. Fit like a sock, and remain without zips or straps to tie. Full motion and maximum comfort. Each boot can be used several times. Waterproof, no other boot protects hydrochloric liquids or other hazardous liquids. Protects against ice, chemicals grass, salt, liquid hydrochloric, snow, fire ants, cracks in the pool, mud, clay, rashes pads, infections postoperative dirt after hairdressing, pavement hot and solves problems traction control.

For correct size, see chart below.

Boot Colours: X Large – Green, Large – Purple, Medium – Blue, Small – Red, XSmall – Orange, XXSmall – Yellow, Tiny – Apple Green

Boots also available in black – click here to view

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