Canine Behaviour 5-Hr CPD Bundle

Canine Behaviour 5-Hr CPD Bundle


This 5 hour CPD bundle includes the following courses:

Creating a Canine Cooperative Care Plan 1-Hour CPD
Cooperative canine care involves training a Dog to not only tolerate handling and husbandry procedures, but to be an active, willing participant in these experiences. Helping to create a stress free visit to the veterinary practice.

Canine Communication: Conversations with dogs 1-Hour CPD
The conversations with Dogs Bitesize course, aims to further strengthen the bond between humans and dogs through improved mutual understanding and better communication.

Canine Separation Anxiety 1-Hour CPD
Learn the psychological, emotional and behavioural components of canine anxiety and how you can help your canine patients.

Supporting Senior Dogs 1-Hour CPD
Supporting Senior Dogs, is vital to ensure longevity and good health. The aim of this bitesize CPD Course, is to provide reliable, factual and informed education on the specific needs of older and elderly dogs.

The Correlation Between Canine Pain and Behaviour 1-Hour CPD
Would you like to delve deeper and truly understand the link between Canine Behaviour and Pain? And in particular, how to overcome this challenge within the clinic environment, when emotional arousal plays a big part in masking the subtle signs.

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