Scandi Orthopedic Tarsal Orthosis

Scandi Orthopedic Tarsal Orthosis


Tarsal supports are available for temporary support of mild strains, to provide long term support of chronic conditions, or to provide support post-surgery to improve outcomes and avoid re-injury.

Grade 1
Light and flexible stabilisation for the tarsal joint. High quality neoprene follows the natural shape of the tarsal.

Conditions/Use Construction & Care
Prevents re-injury
Re-educate joint position awareness -proprioception
Reduce tarsal joint deviations and hyperflexion
Light arthrosis
Light tendon / ligament injury
Neoprene and Velcro

Hand wash,
mild detergent, maximum 30°C


Grade 2
Tarsal Orthosis Grade 2 is designed to enable the level of support, stability or immobilisation to be adapted to the patient. It is suitable for post-op use, minor sprains and similar. Both lateral and medial tarsal divisions and hyperextension/ flexion are reduced. The orthosis uses an adjustable Velcro stabilising system to allow you to adjust the degree of stabilisation and the direction in which you want to stabilise the joint.

Conditions/Use Construction & Care
Medium arthrosis
Dislocation of ligaments and joint
Partial ligament and tendon injury
Temporary paresis
Neoprene and Velcro

Hand wash,
mild detergent,
maximum 30°C

Available for left and right tarsal.

Take measurements in centimetres with the animal standing.

Please refer to the diagram above.

We suggest writing down the measurements then referring to the table to identify the correct size.

Each measurement should fall within the range indicated.

The support is highly customisable hence the size can be fine tuned to achieve a good fit.

  1. Measure the circumference of the tarsal
  2. Measure the length from stifle to tarsal, then reduce by 30%.
  3. Measure the length from tarsal to metatarsal joint.
 Size range (cm) Measurement 1 Measurement 2 Measurement 3
 Extra Small 9.5 – 12.5 4.5 – 9 4 – 8
 Small 10 – 13 6 – 10 5.5 – 9
 Medium 11 – 15 7 – 11.5 6.5 – 10
 Large 14 – 18.5 9.5 – 15 7.5 – 13
 Extra Large 19 – 25 10 – 17 10 – 14

Bespoke sizes also available – contact us with your requirements.



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