Proprioception Tracks

Proprioception Tracks


Conditions for which the equipment is considered suitable include, but are not limited to:

CCLR – post op and conservative management,
Lumbar sacral disease,
Fracture post op rehab, IVDD,
Tenosynovitis, Infraspinatus contracture post-operative,
Osteochondritis dissecans,
Luxating patella – conservatively managed and post op,
Core and general strengthening,
Proprioception and balance training.

This range of equipment provides therapists with a multi-function and adaptive tool that is appropriate for a wide range of conditions and different stages of recovery. It is designed to challenge patients with surfaces that respond differently from each other and from a solid floor, either in combination or individually.

The basis of the equipment is four different densities of foam which compress to a greater or lesser degree. The lower the density of the foam, the softer it is and the greater amount of movement when loaded. The equipment is suitable for:

core strength and fitness building
proprioceptive assessment and rehabilitation
balance assessment and retraining
flexibility training
Covers are waterproof, antibacterial with welded seams so no moisture gets in. They are wipe or hose clean. The outer covers for the Vari-Trak have a heavy duty plastic zip.

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