PetWeighter Pet Bowls

PetWeighter Pet Bowls


The PetWeighter pet bowl comprises a base and a bowl that locks onto and removes easily from the base for filling and cleaning. The base can be filled with water, sand or ice, to give it a weight of up to 13kg. When the bowl is placed back on the base, pets aren’t able to move the bowl around or knock it over to spill their food or water.

ELEVATED FEEDING POSITION: The elevated eating position of this dog bowl may help improve your pet’s digestion and can also be easier on their joints. Both digestion and joint complaints are increasingly common in veterinary practice and elevated feeding is often recommended by vets.
SIMPLE & EASY: The base of our pet feeding bowl is light and easily detachable from the unit, so it’s effortless to fill or clean. This dog food bowl is specially designed in such a way that your pet eats at bay without spilling or messing himself up!

HYGIENIC: The Heavy Pet Bowl is designed by healthcare engineers with hygiene in mind to ensure that the bowl has no cracks and crevices that will attract dirt. The Elevated Dog Bowl will also stay where you put it, which will help establish a dedicated pet feeding area in your home and result in only one feeding zone to clean! The bowl is also dishwasher safe for your convenience.

NO MORE CHASING: Your pet is our pet too! Don’t let your pet chase their bowl anymore to consume their food or drink! The non-slip design of the dog eating bowl prevents it from sliding while your pet eats.

Please note. These items are shipped directly from the manufacturer.

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