OrthoLuxe Bed for Dogs with Arthritis

OrthoLuxe Bed for Dogs with Arthritis


This bed is made specifically for pets with arthritis, with an industry leading two-sided bolster for feelings of security without restricting access.

Available in 5 sizes:
Small: 70cm x 50cm x 7.5cm
Medium: 90cm X 60cm x 10.5cm (18.5cm)
Large: 117cm x 75cm x 12cm (20cm)
Extra Large (XL): 130cm x 90cm x 16cm (31cm)
Extra Extra Large (XXL): 145cm x 110cm x 16cm (31cm)


The mattress combines patent-pending orthopaedic foam technology with a luxury look and feel, giving clinical support alongside comfort and pressure relief.

  • Created specifically for pets with or at risk of joint pain
  • Patent pending Memoair orthopaedic foam design maximises pressure relief and comfort
  • Fully pressure tested to give objective results
  • Designed for easy entry and exit – the beds are a ‘walk on walk off’ height, to enable easier rising
  • Optional dual-sided bolster gives a feeling of security and snugness, without compromising entry to the bed or the ability to find the most comfortable position
  • Air layer supports temperature regulation, facilitating cooling when hot and warming when cold
  • Non-slip base gives security when entering and exiting the bed
  • Waterproof internal cover protects the foam
  • Outer cover is fully removable and washable
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