Non-slip Fabric Tape

Non-slip Fabric Tape


CAM believes we can slow the progression of arthritis in dogs by reducing slips, trips, stumbles and falls in and around the home. Arthritis is a painful condition that leads to reduced use of the problematic joints, which causes muscle wasting and weakness, which means they are more likely to have slips and falls and then injure themselves further. Add home adaptations to your management plan to help control and slow the disease.

This innovative, injury reduction product is a versatile, effective anti-slip mesh product which is designed to be placed under rugs and mats to make sure they don’t become an additional hazard.

Any rug or mat placed on a slippery surface must be checked for good reliable traction.

This tape offers reduced risks of your dog (and yourself) slipping on potential poor traction surfaces at home or in the workplace.

Adaptable and easy to use. Just cut to size and place strips around the underside edge of your mat or rug.

Ideal for use under mats, rugs, dog beds, towels and in cars to stop moving and sliding.

Rolls available: 50mm wide x 3m length & 50mm x 10m length
Sheet available: 1m x 1m

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