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Nilaqua Coconut Towel Off Shampoo


If your pet has incontinence issues or frequently needs cleaning, this kind and gentle formula is a great solution.

This Waterless Dog Shampoo or Waterless Shampoo for any kinds of Pets can be used for “Spot Cleaning” your pet’s muddy paws and other body parts when your dog has rolled in something nasty.

Its formulation can effectively remove feces, mud, blood and odour.

It comes in a delicious and refreshing Coconut Scent so your pet will smell great you’ll cuddle them even more!

Nilaqua Towel-off Waterless Dog Shampoo is a Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo formulated to be pH Balanced and contain no alcohol.

Ensuring the safety to any allergic reaction your pets might have while moisturizing your dog’s skin and coat to prevent dry, itchy skin.

It also contains Non-Irritant Fragrance so you won’t have to worry about skin irritation.

All Nilaqua products are alcohol free, paraben free, vegan friendly and vet approved.



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