Glow in the Dark Anti-slip Tape

Glow in the Dark Anti-slip Tape


  1. CAM believes that lifestyle change and prevention of slips, trips and falls is imperative when managing a dog with arthritis. Allowing your dog to fall down steps and stairs, struggle getting to their feet on slippery floors, or stumbling over thresholds in the dark will speed up the progression of the disease and lead to more pain.

This innovative, injury reduction photo-luminescent adhesive anti-slip tape reduces the risk of your dog (and yourself) slipping on potential poor traction surfaces at home or in the workplace.

It can be used on walkways, stairways, steps, thresholds, entrances and exits and additionally offers illumination to guide their step.

An easy to apply self adhesive, offering an excellent bond on most surfaces both indoors and outdoors, with the added advantage of being visible at night.

Ideal for a variety of surfaces including lino, tiles, wood, laminates etc.

Rolls available: 50mm wide x 3m length & 50mm x 10m length

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