Folding Therapy Floor Mat – Big Dog Bed Company

Folding Therapy Floor Mat – Big Dog Bed Company


These extra large mats are designed to accommodate both patient and therapist, and are even big enough to allow the dog owner to get involved too. The large size means that the dog can be allowed to find a comfortable position on the mat, with minimum risk of them settling too near the edge. There is no need to direct the dog into a particular spot, so the session starts with a more relaxed patient.

The stretch nature of the fabric is a useful diagnostic tool, since the creasing of the fabric round the paw is indicative of amount of pressure that is being directed through a limb. The foam can also be depressed to stimulate a proprioceptive response in a targeted manner. The high density foam core maximises the cushioning for therapist and dog, while minimising the foam depth.

The covers are waterproof and may be wiped, or mopped clean. The fabric is antibacterial and can be safely cleaned with disinfectants designed for medical environments. Seams are welded preventing moisture entry to the high density foam core, enabling these mats to be used at poolside in hydrotherapy centres. Mats is available in Navy.

Folding Therapy Floor Mat: 104 x 160 x 5cm open and 104 x 80 x 10cm folded.

Dispatch time is 14 days from receipt of order.

Available on back-order

Mats come in two standard sizes and a folding version. They are 5cm (2 inches) deep to provide a low trip hazard. The Giant Mat is 60% larger than the Standard Mat. The Folding Therapy Mat 104 x 160 x 5cm open and 104 x 80 x 10cm folded. It can be used either open or folded.

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