Has My Dog Definitely Got Arthritis? Booklet – Printed

Has My Dog Definitely Got Arthritis? Booklet – Printed


CAM believes that improved management of arthritis requires a diagnosis. Sounds daft? Not when you consider that most diagnoses of arthritis are made from observation only.

The main clinical signs “just slowing down” or “just getting old” are definitely not always attributable to arthritis. These clinical observations can be associated with many diseases including kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease… the list goes on.

Has my dog definitely got arthritis? Booklet has been written to explain how and why it is important to get a diagnosis. This well illustrated booklet is an excellent guide for owners that have noted that their dog is showing signs of ill health but is concerned regarding the necessity of further investigation, or what needs to be down to get a diagnosis

It is an essential aid to owner education and can be included given to owners by their vet practice to ensure a smooth investigation to diagnosis process. We hope to support the vet-owner relationship and answer questions that may be forgotten in the consultation room.

This booklet is designed for practice bulk purchase, but can also be bought singly by dog owners.

Available singly or in bundles of 5, 10, 15 or 20.

Please take a look at the rest of our booklets – we have many more planned, so keep checking the shop.


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