Cold Compression Bandage

Cold Compression Bandage


Sold in boxes of eight bandages.

No need for pre-cooling
Reduces swelling and pain
Post-operative or post-injury

Cold Compression Therapy (CCT) as a method is scientifically proven to be effective in the reduction of swelling and pain. This non-slip, self-adhesive bandage will provide cooling relief for up to three hours. It does not need to be pre-cooled before use, just open the packet and wrap round the injury or wound. In busy practices, this frees up nursing time from holding cold compression onto wounds post-surgery.

Patients can be sent home with a pack for owners to reapply to help in long term swelling reduction and increased patient comfort.

The Cold Compression Bandage is 4.5m long and can be torn or cut to the length required. Any unused bandage can be returned to the self-seal package for later use. If sealed properly, the bandage cooling effect will remain active for up to six months. The bandage is a non-woven spandex 7.5 cm wide. The cooling ingredients are distilled water, medical alcohol, mint and mixed borneol. Once used, the bandage should be discarded.

The bandage should be applied firmly, but not so tight as to inhibit blood flow which is important for reducing swelling. There should be no bulging above or below the bandage. Check the bandage after 10 to 15 minutes. If the temperature of the area below the bandage (not underneath it), if it is cold, blood flow has been inhibited and the bandage is too tight. Remove and reapply with less pressure. Please use under veterinary or physiotherapist care .

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