CAM Osteoarthritis Booklet – Therapists Edition – Printed

CAM Osteoarthritis Booklet – Therapists Edition – Printed


CAM believes that it takes collaboration to get the best results when managing an arthritic dog. We have designed this booklet to be used like a “vaccination card”. The owner takes it with them to the vet, or their therapist to record how they are doing, which ensures a TEAM approach.

This booklet encourages the owner and vet to obtain a diagnosis, and list which joints are involved. It provides a crib sheet to be covered in each veterinary visit. It has action plans and tick lists, as well as a “good day bad day diary”. It also features CAM’s “chronic pain indicator chart” to help owners monitor their dog better, as well as the Canine Brief Pain Inventory, a well-respected validated method of scoring, and thus monitoring, a dog’s pain state.

To top it all off there is a large section at the back of the booklet for physiotherapists, hydrotherapists and other complementary therapists to record their findings to improve communication between the professionals managing the case.

When the booklet is full, don’t worry, you can download top up pages from our website in the downloads and resources section.

Available singly or in bundles of 5, 10, 15 or 20.


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