Snuggle Pets CAM Bespoke Fleece Harness

Snuggle Pets CAM Bespoke Fleece Harness


CAM gets approached by the public regarding suitable harnesses a lot, and it is a minefield with many harnesses offering amazing qualities.

We plan to expand and include a range of trialled and tested harnesses for you guys, but for now, let us introduce you to a recent collaboration with Snuggle Pets.

The CAM bespoke fleece harness offered Hannah the chance to control and stabilise Holly around the home and on walks, with the strong, built-in handle on top of the harness, they also have a wide belly strap for comfort. Holly wore hers all the time and modelled it well in the photo, you must excuse the slightly dirty harness in the photographs, but they show how well it was used!

It is not a lifting harness, but a harness that offers a little lift to stabilise. For example helping over thresholds, guiding over rough terrain, slowing on downhill descents.

It is comfortable to be worn all day and night. It is non restrictive around the neck and shoulders.

So thank you Snuggle Pets for working with us to create an affordable, simple but effective product for owners.

Due to this product being made-to-measure, it’s not for sale directly via our CAM online shop, but click on the buy button below and you will be taken to the Snuggle Pets website, where you can place your order.

For every CAM Fleece Harness sold,  Snuggle Pets will donate 15% towards CAM.
Prices start from £26.


Disclosure: Please note you will be taken to the Snuggle Pets website to make this purchase, for which CAM will receive a small commission

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