Silver Pet Prints

Silver Print Company

Maija Pykett is the founder of Silver Pet Prints, the only specialist pet brand with years of experience making jewellery with pets’ actual paw prints.

At Silver Pet Prints they make individual pieces of jewellery that showcase your pet’s unique paw print on the front and their name on the back.

Pets hold a very special place in people’s hearts and their home, and as such each Silver Pet Print piece made holds enormous sentimental value to their owner.

Maija loves the idea that when she’s away from home her cats are always with her as she wears a pendant with their paw prints on around her neck. She hopes you enjoy browsing through their website and looking at the items they can make for you.

We’ve highlighted just a few of Silver Pet Print products here but you can view the full range on their website.

We’re delighted to be able to partner with Silver Pet prints to offer some ideas to help you remember your much loved pet.

Please note you will be taken to the Silver Pet Print website to make any purchases, for which CAM will receive a small commission.

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