Senior and disabled dogs may lose traction and the ability to navigate smooth surfaces like they used to.
PawFriction is a paw pad coating system designed to improve quality of life for senior dogs and dogs with orthopedic or neurological conditions. PawFriction decreases sliding on smooth floors, increases mobility and reduces the risk of injury.

PawFriction was designed by a Vet with your dog’s health in mind. Every component is non-toxic and safe for you, your dog and your home.


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For aging pets, mobility is life. Muscle loss, arthritis, orthopedic/neurologic issues, and general aging can cause dogs to have significant mobility problems, especially on hardwood and other smooth floors. PawFriction was created to give your senior dog a new lease on life by giving them the ability and confidence to get around.  PawFriction immediately restores your dog’s traction without the need for individual sizing or placing objects over the foot.

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