OA Clinic – veterinary nurse online workshop

OA Clinic – veterinary nurse online workshop

Original price was: £100.00.Current price is: £35.00.

This online workshop will give veterinary nurses all the tools they need to set up and run an innovative and efficient OA clinic in their practice. This one-day workshop with CAM founder Hannah Capon and CAM RVN Evie Tummon is a deep dive into why and how to expand your practice services for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.

Learning objectives:

  1. Common questions posed on google
  2. Understanding pain
  3. Pharmacological therapies
  4. Resources available to assist you and your patients
  5. Game changers in OA management
  6. How to identify signs of pain/OA earlier
  7. How to set up and run a successful OA clinic
  8. All those other therapies
  9. Effective communication

Additionally, throughout the day, we conduct sessions called The Vent, The Build, and The Confidence. These sessions are designed to support our nurses in various ways:

  1. The Vent: This session provides a safe space for nurses to express any frustrations or blockers they may be experiencing. It’s an opportunity to voice concerns and challenges openly.
  2. The Build: During this session, we discuss strategies and solutions to address the issues raised in The Vent. We work together to find ways to overcome obstacles and improve practices, ensuring that nurses feel supported and equipped to handle their roles effectively.
  3. The Confidence: This final session focuses on building confidence. We help nurses gain the assurance they need to go back into practice and make a positive impact. By reinforcing their skills and providing encouragement, we aim to empower them to perform their duties with confidence and make a real difference in their work.

Thanks to Lintbells, sponsors of this training day, you can enjoy a reduced price for the education day.

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