OA Clinic – veterinary nurse online workshop

OA Clinic – veterinary nurse online workshop


This online workshop will give veterinary nurses all the tools they need to set up and run an innovative and efficient OA clinic in their practice. This one-day workshop with CAM founder Hannah Capon and CAM RVN Evie Tummon is a deep dive into why and how to expand your practice services for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.


The OA Nurse ONLINE Workshop

Calling all veterinary nurses – submerge your nerdy self in a full day’s training on all things OA with CAM founder Dr Hannah Capon and CAM’s education outreach RVN Evie Tummon.
This dynamic interactive online workshop will equip nurses with the skills and resources to take on the silent welfare concern that is osteoarthritis in their own practice.

CAM aims to Educate, Engage, Enable and Empower nurses to work within the multidisciplinary team and set up and run successful OA clinics.


  • Transfer of current knowledge of prevalence, epidemiology and identification.
    In recent years, osteoarthritis (OA) has been reclassified not only as a welfare concern (degree of/ duration of suffering), but also significantly more prevalent than previously believed – 2006 20% all dogs >1 years old, now suggestions of 37% of all dogs.
    CAM training aims to engage with vet nurses in a way that they feel motivated to be part of a “new approach” to OA.
  • Competence to structure support the caregiver and their dog through identification, diagnosis and into a multimodal management plan.
    OA continues to be identified late in the disease and receives a less than adequate “work up” which leads to misdiagnosis and subsequent client and job dissatisfaction. CAM training aims to educate the vet nurses to competently talk to owners regarding the disease, diagnosis, and management strategies.
  • Confidence to support a caregiver in a changing multimodal management plan.
    OA requires an adapting broad management approach which requires elements of proactivity and prevention as well as the ability to react to the needs of the patient.
    CAM training aims to enable the vet nurses to incorporate all elements into the plans that they create for patients in their care.
  • Ability to repeatedly deliver innovative and thorough contextual care to clients.
    The veterinary industry is suffering heavy losses through job dissatisfaction, demotivation and “burn out”.
    CAM training aims to empower the vet nurses to view OA management as a rewarding and motivating aspect of their daily work load.

The jam-packed day will begin at 9am and keep you glued to your screens till 5pm. You will finish the day bursting with knowledge, new resources to support you structuring your clinics and communicating with your clients, and feeling part of a bigger ambition to be part of change in how we manage OA.

Places are limited so sign up NOW!

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