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Helping Hand Support Harness – Comfort


The Standard is a fixed length and is easy to use for short periods, while the Comfort version comes with additional padding for longer periods of use and can be adjusted for height of person using it. This is ideal in the home and to help with rehabilitation. For dogs with arthritis that have difficulty with stairs and thresholds, the Helping Hand Sling takes the strain for both dog and dog owner. Where a dog continuously needs needs hind leg or spinal support you should consider the Offloading Helping Hand Harness.

Materials are a combination of polymide, cotton twill and polyester and may be machine washed at 60°C.


Helping Hand Harnesses are pet lift slings designed to reduce the weight on the spine and back legs. A pet sling is an ergonomic way for pet owners or clinic team members to help move an animal that needs temporary assistance.

• Provides effective post-operative support
• Facilitates gentle exercise during recovery
• Useful support to dogs with arthritis at home and out and about

There are three styles to choose from, depending on where and how the sling is to be used and the condition for which they are to be used.

The Standard and Comfort versions are meant for relatively short term, or occasional use. They are ideal for supporting unsteady dogs immediately after surgery while still on veterinary premises. They are also a low cost option to send home with the patient to assist with movement at home in the short to medium term so they can be helped up stairs and over uneven surfaces. For dogs with arthritis, they can be suitable for long term home use where a limited amount of ongoing assistance is required.

The Offloading Helping Hand Harness is appropriate for long term use in the home or where rehabilitation after surgery or injury will be prolonged. They are fitted round the hips and legs and are highly adjustable.


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