Canine Communication: Conversations with dogs 1-Hour CPD

Canine Communication: Conversations with dogs 1-Hour CPD


Designed for those who live with, work with or want to understand more about dogs.

The conversations with Dogs Bitesize course, aims to further strengthen the bond between humans and dogs through improved mutual understanding and better communication.

To truly understand dog behaviour and how they communicate, you need first to put yourself in their shoes/paws.

This amazingly comprehensive bitesize course does this through up-to-date canine behavioural studies , which will teach you exactly what dogs are saying to us and each other through a variety of signals, facial expressions, body movements and vocal communications, and shows you how by simply altering our own behaviour to act and react to this input, in ways that are meaningful to the dog.

A must for all Veterinary Professionals working with Canine Patients and as informed Dog owners too.

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