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Basic – CAM’s essential guide to managing a dog with arthritis.


Canine Arthritis Management is super excited to have released two new courses for dog owners. The CAM team have been picking up awards left, right, and centre for their work, and have made a massive impact on raising the profile of the disease as well as ensuring a mutually beneficial respectful relationship between vet, therapist, canine professional, and owner is prioritised.

The shorter of the two owner courses, CAMessentials will give you all the basics you need to build a management plan for your dog while still fitting into your busy schedule. All 12 modules, which contain video presentations, owner-focused tools, additional resources, and further online learning, are available for only £20 – what a steal! Even better, you get access for life!

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More details regarding the course below.

CAMessentials is a short modular course designed to provide owners with the basics of canine arthritis and building an evidence-based management plan, with each of the 12 modules approximately 20 minutes in length. Every module contains a video presentation, owner-focused tools, additional resources, and further online learning.

Topics covered include:

● Understanding OA in dogs

● Understanding the pain associated with OA

● Commonly prescribed medications used to manage OA

● Objective monitoring of response to interventions

● Getting a diagnosis and why it is important

● Weight management

● Supplements and their place in the management plan

● Appropriately exercising an arthritic dog

● Modifying the home environment and lifestyle

● Integrative therapies

● Prevention of OA


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