CAM Practice Training Day
10 January 2024

CAM Practice Training Day
10 January 2024

Sponsored by Norbrook

CAM are holding an open practice training day.
We are inviting one Receptionist, 1 nurse and 1 vet from each practice that sign up to come and do a FREE practice training day.

£85 £0

The CAM practice training package is designed to help your staff with identification, diagnosis, and management with an increased focus on communication, team approach, and increased service provision and practice growth.

Your team’s skills and passion will be ignited. Through earlier identification, confident communication, an abundance of CAM resources, shared knowledge and role delegation THEY will increase caseload, create excellent client relationships, expand available services and catapult your practice’s reputation and profitability.

We aim to do most of the leg work for you by educating YOUR clients and easing the pressure on your team. Knowing the best CAM resources for your client and where to send them can save time during your consults. It is common knowledge that it is impossible to provide owners with all they need in 15 minutes. Let us take some of the strain.


Dr Hannah Capon, our founder and director, has to be the most “passionate about arthritis” person on the planet. Having been described as a Duracell battery, she immediately captures her audience and holds them through their learning journey.

Her 21 years in various roles in first opinion practice have led to the creation of lecture materials, resources and learning approaches that focus on client-centred care. Students are left with a comprehensive understanding of excellent but realistic management practices from early identification and the process of diagnosis, to creating and adapting a constantly evolving management plan.

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