CAM CPD Training Day – THE OA A Team

CAM CPD Training Day – THE OA A Team


“CAM believes that practices already have the tools to create successful OA clinics – they just need to know how to do it!”

CAM offers a full day of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the whole veterinary practice.

Focusing on the roles of veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, nursing assistants and receptionists in identifying, diagnosing and managing canine arthritis. Bringing the team together to coordinate and support a successful in house canine arthritis clinic.

The day is divided into 4 parts each lasting 1.5 hours, tailored around keeping your practice open to your clients.

By taking each group and training them individually content can be targeted at their understanding and requirement.

Then bringing them together for the 1.5 hours of OA A Team training, each group can learn their role and how to support others.

Instead of one member of the team ‘going away’ to learn new material, only to then return and struggle to disseminate that learning; employ us to come to your practice and enthuse, motivate and educate your whole team.

We leave you equipped to set up your own OA clinic the very next day.

  • Full training day of CPD for the whole team
  • USB loaded with CAM resources
  • A stock box of CAMs printed resources
  • A poster pack to start the ball rolling in the waiting room
  • Access to an exclusive supported online Facebook group where practices can share successful and not so successful clinic stories, ask advice, and formulate successful strategies

For more info on total costs including speaker travel expenses and how to book your training day, please email

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