Bespoke Training Packages

Bespoke Training Packages

Regardless of your occupation, prior knowledge, or individual requirements we can create bespoke courses to meet your needs!

We are passionate about the recognition and understanding of chronic pain in companion animals. We believe that pain needs to be managed quickly and effectively to optimise the welfare of our pets. The training packages are led by experienced and specialist veterinarians.

Areas of learning included within training packages include:

  • The identification of chronic pain in dogs (and cats)
  • Accurate chronic pain assessment
  • Practice protocol development
  • Multimodal management plan creation
  • Reassessment and review
  • Rehabilitative approaches to musculoskeletal chronic pain management
  • Pharmaceutical approaches to chronic pain management

Packages can be tailored with regards to lecture approach and ongoing coaching requirements, both being delivered via online or in person
Subscription to an accredited practice status is available.

Please subscribe HERE to find out more, or contact us with your requirements and we will work with you to produce your ultimate training plan!


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