Be Nice I’m Arthritic Bandana Multipack (Blue)

Be Nice I’m Arthritic Bandana Multipack (Blue)


These bandanas are not only a stylish piece of dog clothing, they tell the world that your dog has arthritis but you know, and you have a management plan in place. They also tell the world to be careful around your dog, i.e. please don’t let your dog bump into mine, or jump on them in the park. Please give us time to get on the bus, or the train, as we are not as fast as we used to be. Please don’t bump into my dog when we are out in public places.

We are replacing the bandanas with a tie fastener to a velcro close and the M/L are now velcro fastened.

CAM believes that through awareness we can identify arthritis in our dogs earlier, offer them support sooner, and ensure longer comfortable lives.

Small/medium size is approximately 54 x 27cm and fits small dogs such as Daschunds and Yorkies up to Westies, Cavalier Spaniels and similar sized dogs.
Medium/large size is approximately 74 x 37cm and fits Springers, Cockers, Border Collies, Labradors and similar sized dogs.

Our bandana multipacks offer a fantastic saving on individual prices…

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