Balto® Soft

Balto® Soft


The Balto® Soft is designed to assist with patients suffering from a number of conditions including:

  • Hygromas, sores and calluses
  • Arthritis and Arthorsis
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • To keep dressings and bandages in place

For sizes – see guide below.

CAM wholeheartedly believes in conservative management, the use of supportive aids such as orthotics and hope to open their follower’s eyes to their existence, because in the right hands they can offer amazing benefits! But, they need to be purchased wisely and with guidance as they can do as much harm as they can good if purchased for the wrong condition, or the right condition at the wrong time. The use of supports/ orthotics should be alongside professional advice from a physiotherapist or veterinarian.

Balto® Soft is ideal for conditions such as arthritis, arthrosis, or elbow dysplasia.

  • Allows freedom of movement while the dog recovers by adding stability
  • Can be used to help treat elbows affected by hygromas, sores, and calluses
  • Uses compression to provide increased blood flow to the elbow, helping to reduce pain
  • Can also be used to hold dressings directly to the skin after surgery



4 – 10 kg
12 – 18 kg
Large 20 – 45 kg
X-Large 45+ kg


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